Revenge is Sweet: How to Hurt a Cheater’s Feelings Without Losing Your Cool

Revenge is Sweet: How to Hurt a Cheater’s Feelings Without Losing Your Cool

I know firsthand just how painful it is to be cheated on. The betrayal, the heartache, the utter disbelief that someone you loved could do this to you. But what about when the tables turn? When you catch your significant other in the act, is revenge really off the table? The truth is, revenge is sweet, and sometimes it’s necessary in order to move on and heal. But how do you hurt a cheater’s feelings without losing your cool? It’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are a few psychological and emotional hooks you can use to exact your revenge and come out on top. So buckle up, my friends, and get ready to learn how to make your ex feel the pain they inflicted upon you.

How do you hurt a cheater’s feelings?

If you’re dealing with a cheating partner, it’s natural to feel hurt and betrayed. While some people might want to take the high road and show compassion, others might want to make the cheater feel the same pain they caused. Here are some ways you can hurt a cheater’s feelings:

  • Make him jealous with someone else: If you want to show your partner what it feels like to be cheated on, one way to do that is to make him jealous. Start talking to other guys or flirting in front of him.
  • Act like you don’t care when you find out: Instead of getting angry or crying, act like it’s no big deal. Your partner may have expected you to react differently, and this can be a way to hurt his feelings.
  • Give him the cold shoulder: If you decide to stay with your partner, giving him the cold shoulder can be a way to make him feel the pain of rejection. Don’t give him the affection he wants and make him work for your love and trust.
  • Let him know that he hurt you: While this might seem like an obvious one, it’s important to let your partner know that his actions hurt you. This can make him feel guilty and sorry for what he did.
  • Leave him for good: If you’re done with the relationship and want to hurt the cheater’s feelings, leaving him for good is a clear message that his actions have consequences.
  • Give him his stuff back in a box: If your partner left anything at your place, put it in a box and leave it outside his door. This can be a subtle way of telling him that you’re done with him.
  • Tell everyone what happened: Whether it’s your mutual friends or his family, telling everyone what your partner did can be a way to get revenge and hurt his reputation.
  • Update your look: Finally, one way to show your partner what he’s missing is to update your look. Get a new haircut, new clothes, work out more and post it on social media. Showing that you’re moving on and looking even better can be a huge blow to his ego.
  • While these actions might hurt the cheater’s feelings, it’s important to remember that revenge isn’t always the answer. Take some time to process your emotions and figure out what is best for you in the long run.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Speak Your Truth: Cheaters often manipulate and deceive to avoid being caught, but when you know the truth, speak it openly and honestly. Tell them how their actions have affected you, express your emotions, and let them see the impact they’ve had on your life.

    2. Set Clear Boundaries: Once a cheater has hurt you, it can be difficult to trust them again. Setting clear boundaries about what behavior you will and won’t tolerate going forward can help to prevent future hurt. Be clear about your expectations and stick to them.

    3. Don’t Blame Yourself: Cheaters often try to shift blame onto their partners, making them feel like they were the cause of the infidelity. But it’s important to remember that no one deserves to be cheated on. Don’t accept the blame for someone else’s actions.

    4. Practice Self-Care: When someone betrays your trust, it can be challenging to move on emotionally. Practicing self-care can be helpful, whether that’s seeking therapy, spending time with loved ones, or engaging in activities that bring you joy.

    5. Choose What’s Best For You: Ultimately, the decision to stay or leave a relationship after cheating is up to you. Consider your own wants and needs, and what will make you truly happy in the long run. Don’t feel pressure to forgive or forget if that’s not what’s best for you.

    How to Get Back at a Cheater By Hurting Their Feelings

    Dealing with a cheating partner can be one of the toughest experiences you may go through in a relationship. Trust is broken, emotions are betrayed, and the pain inflicted can feel unbearable. Unfortunately, getting through this moment isn’t always easy, and some people can’t come up with ways to hurt their partner’s feelings back. However, in this article, we’ll discuss different ways you can hurt a cheater’s feelings and make sure they regret their actions.

    Making the cheater jealous with someone else

    It’s natural to feel hurt and angry after finding out about your partner’s infidelity. However, instead of sitting down, crying, and feeling miserable, use the experience to your advantage by making the cheater jealous. Start seeing someone else and make sure your cheating partner finds out about it. You could even post about your new relationship on social media or have your friends tag you in pictures with your new partner. This plan will make your cheating partner feel envious and might even lead to them apologizing and begging for your forgiveness.

    Acting indifferent when finding out

    When you find out that your partner’s been cheating on you, don’t react immediately. Instead, stay calm and composed, showing little to no interest in what they’ve done. It’s a great way to get under their skin and make them feel powerless. Remember, cheaters expect you to show anger, frustration, or sadness, but if you show none of that, they’ll know that their deception means nothing to you. This approach may also help you get a glimpse of whether your partner is genuinely remorseful by comparing their reaction to your indifference.

    Bullet points:

    • Reacting angrily gives the cheater power
    • Acting indifferent can be a way to filter the cheater
    • The cheater may realize how little you care

    Giving the cheater the cold shoulder

    Nothing hurts more than being ignored, and the cheater knows that. After discovering your partner’s infidelity, give them the cold shoulder by not talking to them, not returning their calls, or hanging up on them abruptly. This plan will undoubtedly make the cheater feel like they’re losing something valuable

  • you. Most importantly, it also shows them that their actions have consequences, and they can’t just worm their way back into your life without paying the price.

    Letting the cheater know they hurt you

    If you’ve been hurt and betrayed, it’s essential to let your partner know how you feel. Tell them how their actions made you feel, the trust that was broken, and how the betrayal impacted your life. This plan will hurt the cheater as they come to terms with the magnitude of their actions. While it’s essential to express yourself truthfully, it’s also vital to maintain self-respect and avoid begging the cheater to come back.

    Leaving the cheater for good

    The ultimate revenge is leaving the cheater for good. If your partner has cheated on you, and you’re no longer in love with them, the best thing you could do is gather your strength and walk away. This plan can be especially painful for the cheater as they realize that their actions have caused you to distance yourself. Remember, once you decide to leave the cheater, do not look back or entertain any thoughts of redemption.

    Bullet points:

    • Leaving gives you power
    • The cheater may realize what he’s lost only after you’ve gone
    • Leaving could be a chance for new beginnings

    Giving back his belongings in a box

    If you’ve decided to leave the cheater, make sure you give them back their belongings in a box. This plan is a subtle reminder that you’re done with them and signals a definitive end. The cheater, on the other hand, may realize that they’ve lost something valuable and that you’re not willing to tolerate their behavior any longer.

    Telling others what happened

    After discovering your partner’s infidelity, you may feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk to other people about it. However, keeping the events a secret is doing yourself a disservice. Consider telling a friend or family member what happened. This plan is a great way to get support and make yourself feel better. If the cheater’s friends, family, or boss were aware of the infidelity, they could needlessly complicate the cheater’s life, making them think twice before cheating on someone else.

    Updating your look to move on from the cheater

    Sometimes after a breakup, it’s easy to feel stuck, unmotivated, and sad. However, sprucing up your appearance can help lift your spirits. Get a new haircut, try new clothes, or experiment with a new color scheme. This plan doesn’t just improve your mood, but it also shows the cheater that you’re confident and that they’re missing out on something fantastic.

    Bullet points:

    • Changing your appearance will boost your morale
    • A new look can help you start over
    • The cheater may feel bad when they see how much you’ve grown


    Conclusively, getting cheated on can be one of the most difficult experiences an individual may face. However, it’s important to remember that there are ways to seek revenge and hurt the feelings of a cheating partner. Whether it’s making them jealous, leaving them for good, or updating your look, revenge is a personal choice and can help you regain your confidence, pride, and self-esteem.


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