Revenge or Forgiveness? How to Hurt a Cheater’s Feelings

Revenge or Forgiveness? How to Hurt a Cheater’s Feelings

As someone who has been cheated on before, I know firsthand the pain and betrayal that comes with infidelity. It’s hard to imagine anything more hurtful than finding out that the person you trusted with your heart has been unfaithful. In the aftermath, it’s easy to feel powerless and at the mercy of the cheater, but what if I told you that you had the power to hurt them back? Would you take revenge or choose forgiveness?

It’s a loaded question, and one that is likely to elicit strong emotions from anyone who has ever been cheated on. Revenge may feel like the sweetest option at first, but is it really worth sinking to their level? Forgiveness may seem like a weak choice, but is it possible that it could be the key to healing and moving on?

In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each option and offer some tips on how to hurt a cheater’s feelings in healthy ways that don’t involve stooping to their level. Whether you’re looking for closure or trying to save your relationship, we’ll help you decide which path to take and how to do it with strength and dignity.

How do you hurt a cheater’s feelings?

First and foremost, it’s important to establish that hurting someone’s feelings intentionally, regardless of their past actions, is not a healthy or positive way of dealing with any situation. However, if you have been cheated on and are feeling hurt and angry, it’s natural to want to lash out or seek revenge. Here are a few possible ways to hurt a cheater’s feelings in the aftermath of an affair, although they may not necessarily be the best course of action:

  • Make him jealous with someone else: While trying to intentionally make someone jealous is not the healthiest approach, it can be a natural response to feeling hurt and betrayed.
  • Act like you don’t care when you find out: This can be difficult to do, but acting like the affair didn’t affect you can be a way to try and regain some of your power and control back.
  • Give him the cold shoulder: Similar to acting like you don’t care, giving someone the cold shoulder can be a way to show them that their actions have consequences and that you are not going to tolerate being treated poorly.
  • Let him know that he hurt you: Voicing your feelings and making it clear how much their actions have affected you can be a way to make them feel guilt or remorse for what they have done.
  • Leave him for good: This is perhaps the most straightforward way to hurt a cheater’s feelings. Walking away and never looking back can be a powerful way to show them that their actions have consequences.
  • Give him his stuff back in a box: While it may seem like a small gesture, returning someone’s belongings to them in a box can be a subtle but effective way of communicating that you are done with them.
  • Tell everyone what happened: Depending on the circumstances, telling mutual friends or acquaintances what happened can be a way to shame the cheater and hold them accountable for their actions.
  • Update your look: While this might seem like a strange addition to the list, sometimes a physical transformation can be a powerful way to show your ex that you are moving on and not looking back.
  • In summary, there are numerous ways to hurt a cheater’s feelings, but it’s important to remember that these approaches may not necessarily be healthy or effective in the long run. Ultimately, focusing on your own healing and moving forward in a positive direction is likely to be the best approach in the aftermath of a cheating partner.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Confront them: Let them know that you are aware of their betrayal and how much it has hurt you. It is important to be calm and collected in your approach but firm in your message.

    2. Cut ties: Make it clear to the cheater that you no longer want anything to do with them. This means cutting off all forms of communication and removing them from your life completely.

    3. Express your disappointment: Share with them how their actions have disappointed you. Explain how you had faith and trust in them and how they failed to live up to that.

    4. Move on: Focus on healing yourself and moving forward with your life. Don’t allow the cheater to hold power over you by dwelling on the hurt they have caused.

    5. Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with friends and family who love and support you. Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you to feel good about yourself.

    Hurting a Cheater’s Feelings: Strategies That Work

    You’ve just found out that your partner has been cheating on you, and you’re looking for ways to make them feel the pain they’ve caused you. While hurting someone else intentionally may not be the best approach, there are some ways to deal with a cheating partner that can help them understand the gravity of their actions. Here are some strategies that work:

    Jealousy: A Powerful Tool to Make a Cheater Feel the Pain

    One of the most effective ways to make a cheater feel the pain is to make them jealous with someone else. Go out with friends, have fun, and make sure your partner sees that you’re happy and moving on with your life. It’s essential to be cautious when using jealousy because it can be taken too far and lead to more significant problems. However, if done correctly, it can be a potent tool to let them see what they’ve lost.

    Key Point: Do not use jealousy as a tool to manipulate your partner or to get them back. Use jealousy as a means to move on and show them that they cannot control or break you.

    Showing Indifference: How Acting Like You Don’t Care Can Hurt a Cheater

    Another way to hurt a cheater’s feelings is by acting like you don’t care about what they’ve done. They thrive on your emotions and reactions, so acting indifferent can throw them off guard and make them realize that what they’ve done is not affecting you as much as they thought it would. You don’t have to be rude or mean, but showing little to no interest in what they have to say or do can be powerful.

    Key Point: Showing indifference does not mean that you’re not hurt. It merely means that you’re not giving them power over your emotions.

    The Power of Silence: Giving a Cheater the Cold Shoulder

    Silence can be a powerful weapon when dealing with a cheating partner. They may try to explain their actions or apologize, but sometimes the best response is no response at all. Giving them the cold shoulder can make them feel rejected and alone, which is precisely how you’re feeling at the moment. They may try to push your buttons to get a reaction, but it’s essential to stay strong and not engage in their drama.

    Key Point: Silence can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to let them know that their actions have consequences.

    Standing Up for Yourself: Letting a Cheater Know They’ve Hurt You

    It’s crucial to let a cheater know that their actions have hurt you deeply. Letting them know that they’ve caused you pain can be a powerful way to make them feel remorse and take responsibility for their actions. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and express your feelings, but avoid getting into a screaming match or allowing them to gaslight you.

    Key Point: Letting a cheater know that they’ve hurt you can be challenging but necessary for healing and moving forward.

    Walking Away: Leaving a Cheater for Good

    Ultimately, one of the best ways to hurt a cheater’s feelings is by leaving them for good. Walking away from a relationship that has caused you pain and heartbreak can be challenging, but it’s the best way to protect yourself and move on with your life. Don’t be tempted to stay out of fear or pity; you deserve better than someone who doesn’t respect you.

    Key Point: Walking away may cause temporary pain, but it’s better than staying in a toxic relationship.

    Cutting Ties: Returning a Cheater’s Belongings in a Box

    When you’re ready to leave a cheater, it’s important to cut all ties. Return their belongings in a box or bag and avoid any contact with them unless it’s absolutely necessary. Cutting ties can be painful, but it’s the best way to move on and start fresh.

    Bullet Points:

  • Gather their belongings in a box or bag
  • Do not engage in any further communication
  • Block them on social media and avoid mutual friends

    Speaking Out: Telling Others About the Cheater

    If you feel comfortable, speaking out about a cheater’s actions can be empowering. You don’t need to shame or demean them, but letting others know what they’ve done can protect others who may be in a similar situation. Speaking out is not for everyone, but it can be a way to take back your power and prevent others from getting hurt.

    Bullet Points:

  • Be mindful of others’ privacy and consent before speaking out
  • Don’t name-call or shame the cheater
  • Focus on your healing and recovery rather than revenge

    Moving On: Updating Your Look to Show You Don’t Need a Cheater

    Finally, one of the best ways to hurt a cheater’s feelings is by moving on and updating your look. Take care of yourself, go to the gym, get a new haircut, or try a new style. Showing them that you’re moving on and that you don’t need them can be a powerful way to make them feel the pain they’ve caused and regret their actions.

    Key Point: Moving on and updating your look is not about revenge; it’s about showing yourself and others that you’re strong and capable of healing and recovery.


    Dealing with a cheating partner can be challenging and painful, but there are ways to make them feel the pain they’ve caused you. Whether it’s through jealousy, indifference, silence, standing up for yourself, walking away, cutting ties, speaking out, or moving on, it’s essential to prioritize your healing and recovery. Remember that hurting others intentionally is not the solution, but taking care of yourself and protecting your well-being is necessary for a healthy and happy life.


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