Roar and Snore – Sydney’s Ultimate Slumber Party

For Christmas last year, my mother in law gave everyone in the family a pass to Taronga Zoo’s overnight Roar and Snore program.

Yep. My mother in law is pretty amazing and extremely generous. 

So last weekend, myself and 7 members of my Hubby’s family made the trek to Taronga Zoo to check into our accommodation. I was expecting two man tents, a thermos of coffee and a sleeping bag.

I couldn’t be more wrong!

Think architecturally designed safari tents complete with double beds and views of Sydney harbour. Champagne on arrival. Sumptuous roast buffet. Animal encounters of the nocturnal kind. Expectations exceeded!

During our welcome drinks, the staff allowed us to get up close and personal with some pretty friendly creatures. Mr Turtle, Ms Snake and Mstr Lizard. After dinner, it was time to explore the zoo and see lions, tigers, snow leopards, mountain goats and so much more. 


We greeted the morning to friggin roars, rumbles and growls! Yep, we heard the lions roaring a good morning greeting to us all. It was surreal. Breakfast was great – coffee, pastries, fruit salad, cereals and yoghurts – then it was time to join the behind-the-scenes zoo tour.





MY HIGHLIGHT – The staff actually took us into the chimpanzee enclosure (a rarity) and we got to see the chimps interact. I also got spat on but forgave the attention seeking female in question! By far the nosiest experience I’ve ever experienced. The chimps just screech at one another. One minute there is violence and blood, the next moment they are grooming and kissing one another. No cameras allowed during this part of the tour so I can’t share any close up pics!

If you’ve ever thought about doing the Roar and Snore stay – DO IT! Book it now. Taronga Zoo is non-for-profit, so the money spent goes straight back into research, food and maintenance of the zoo. The zoo has over 1500 volunteers and operates 365 days a year. The staff clearly LOVE LOVE LOVE their job and it shines with every word they speak.






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