Schedules, squeals & pink lady bits












Do you hear that?

Listen closely.

[Insert tumble weed vision here]

The Lover List is oh so quiet this week. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t. I’m normally really good at scheduling my posts for the week; my calendar is set, I have an app to store my ideas and my fingers are always eager to type. 

However my time this week has been zapped after launching The Lover Lab design studio. Every spare minute I have is spent tinkering away behind the site, tweaking nuts and bolts and adding more content. Not to mention the design emails that keep dropping into my inbox. Each time I hear that inbox delivery ping, I squeal like a pig in mud.

Oh, the design projects! I’m immersed in colours, coding and connection. It’s goosebump goodness people. THIS IS ELECTRIC!  I’m a business owner and really proud of what I have created and the new clients I’m working with. 

I’m definitely not going to shy away from saying that out loud.

The only ‘downer’ (and I say that word ever so lightly) is my routine is all over the damn place. I thrive on routine and structure. Doesn’t everyone? I haven’t set my alarm clock in 6 weeks. I haven’t committed to daily yoga and meditation like I’d hoped. I’m drinking less, eating less and sleeping badly. My laptop has become an extension of me as I cram as much work in as possible. I’m forming an unhealthy habit and my spirit is telling me to snap out of it. 

So starting next week, I’ll be setting a new routine for myself. Early morning walks no matter how fucking cold it is outside, rolling the yoga mat out, zen-ing myself silly with meditation and making sure I guzzle 2 litres of water. Every. Damn. Day.

Have you ever had to change your daily routine? Did it take you long to settle into it? I’m guessing newborns can certainly change one’s routine, lifestyle habits and pink lady bits, right? 

The Lover List is, and always will be my baby. The weekend ahead is fairly low key for me so hopefully the sun is shining and I can punch out some great material to entertain you guys and girls next week. 

PS – How creepy is my smile in that pic? 




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