Shake up your skincare routine

I love facials.

I’d love to have a facial once week. Hell, I’d love to have a facial once a month but that adds up to $960 per year. So until I become a millionaire, I’ll have to stick to 2-3 facials a year.

As I’m getting older (please don’t guess my age), I’m becoming more strict about my daily skincare routine. Sure, once upon a time it was a 3 step process – cleanse, tone, moisturise. Now we’re tempted by BB creams, serums, pre-cleansers, illuminators, primers, exfoliators …. and the list goes on.

So where do all these products fit into our routine? Do we use serums before or after we tone? If I’m confused then I guess there might be some readers out there who are confused as well.

According to beauty expert Nicky Champ, this is the routine to stick too.

Morning order

Evening order

This is just a guide and you don’t need to use all of these products. It’s important to note that sunscreen (especially in our Aussie sun) is super important to pop on under our make-up and exfoliating 2x times per week is beneficial. I also like to pop on mask once a week (when Hubby is out of house of course!).

Confusion be gone. Welcome beauty clarification.


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