Silent Shower Crying

Crying in the shower

Fess up time.

I do most of my crying in the shower. I can’t explain why, it’s a strange salty phenomenon I like to call Silent Shower Crying (or SSC). Being butt naked with scolding hot water running over me appears to open up the dam gates to my tear ducts.

I don’t cry every day. More like once or twice a month.

Most of the time I’m crying about nothing. Other times I cry about old memories. And then there are the times that I’m crying because something or someone has upset me.

And the weird part? I do it silently. I try really really really hard to not let that ugly cry sound escape my throat. (You know the ugly sound I’m talking about!). I don’t want anyone to hear me SSC.

Let’s get weirder. The only people in my house are Mr Lover and my furry kids, Sonny and Benji. I normally shower in the morning AFTER Mr Lover has left for work. So why the heck am I silently crying? So the dogs don’t hear me?

Every now and then I open the door to an old memory and check in with the pain inside. It sucks the breath right outta me and then I push my weight behind the door again and shut it close. The aftermath is enough to leave me feeling shitty for the rest of the day.

But who doesn’t feel good – most of the time – after a good cry. It’s been proven that crying lowers stress, tears remove toxins and tears release feelings. Sure crying leaves us looking puffy faced and red eyed devils but it leaves us feeling cleansed and slightly healed spiritually.

I ain’t apologising to anyone for a good Silent Shower Cry.

TELL ME! Where do you safely have a good crying sess? 




  • Catherine says:

    I cry in the shower most often too Brooke. Mainly when I don’t want to be comforted or fussed over, I can do it privately! I HATE being fussed over!!! and sometimes I just don’t want to have to explain myself. Plus it’s nice and tidy, no tissues required 😉

  • Beck Panagopoulos says:

    I don’t do SSC, but rather RSC – Running Silent Crying. I have the exact same crying sess but when I’m out on a run. It might be a so g I’m listening to or a memory of some sort. I have this overwhelming feeling of emotions and tears follow. Usually leaves me out of breath! The feeling passes, the run continues and life moves on. Very cathartic.

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