Snippets from my Baby Shower

Most woman dream about their baby shower from a young age. Cupcakes. Balloons. Pretty Flowers. Blush pink everywhere. Fat chick in a chair eating everything.

My bestie, Jess, is the beez kneez. Jess was busting to plan and host an afternoon soiree dedicated to Little Miss Lover and the result was beautiful. I may or may not have a mild case of CONTROL-ism but I really allowed myself to sit back and let Jess run the show.


My only request or make that requests? Non-traditional. Mr Lover wanted to join the day and have his closest friends there as well. We’ve spent 7 long agonising years getting to this point and everyone wanted to celebrate our miracle girl. So boys, girls, kids + bubbas were welcome to join our day.

Secondly, no games. The afternoon was short and I’d rather spend time talking and catching up with loved one’s. So Jessie set up a small table with a few things. People could write their words of wisdom on a nappy for Mr Lover and I to read at 2.47am. A lolly guessing game for the kids. And a box filled with more serious advice for the mama-bear-to-be.

Thirdly, cake. I like cake. I eat cake. Cake.

Sunday 11th October was the chosen date. I’d be fat BUT not too fat. I preferred my bump memories to reflect a basketball shape instead of a whale shape. Just joking. Silly season starts in November and our diaries were filled so we picked early October. I was 29 weeks pregnant.



Mr Lover and I wanted to keep the event small and intimate. I know, I know, inviting 60 people to a baby shower doesn’t sound small and intimate but as we prepared the list, focusing on who is in our life and will continue to be in our life in 10 years time, our list grew to 60. The event quickly turned into a BaBy-Q and we decided a laid back BBQ arvo in the sun was just the thing!


Jessie secretly trawled through my BABY LOVER board on Pinterest and found cute examples of baby shower invites. I absolutely adore our invites. I also adore mason jars. Normally filled with alcoholic mixtures but on this occasion mocktails would be ace.



Mr Lover and I have already been blown away by the beautiful gifts received so far for our girl. Knitted jackets, booties, teeny tiny jumpsuits, wraps, furniture, pram etc. Seriously, spoilt rotten. Close friends had asked us what items we still needed and by Lorde this makes me uncomfortable. But I also know how it feels to be on that side ’cause I find gift giving a struggle. Am I buying something useless? What if they already have the item? Each to their own, we decided a gift registry was the easiest solution. We don’t expect our guests to bring a gift as their presence on the day was gift enough, however if they wanted to help us out with the practical stuff, then nipple cream and burp rags were available to purchase on the gift registry.


Who decides to paint their nails 45 minutes before their baby shower? I do. Trying to get dressed, do hair, apply make-up and load up our car with essentials was a big fat CHALLENGE. Yep, we were a little late to our own event. Oops!

We walked into Jess’ yard and there was a marquee, popcorn, mocktails, punch, meatballs, vases filled with flowers, bunting, gifts … and people. Friends and family from near and far, waiting to celebrate with us. Pure joy! Hubby gave a moving speech thanking our loved ones for their support and generosity. The women in my family gave me encouragement and advice for the year ahead. My feet managed to remain un-swollen in heels all afternoon. It was perfection. The afternoon sped past at lightening speed but our hearts are filled with precious memories.


Mr Lover and I

Mr Lover and I

It was overwhelming to see and feel the joy others have for us. After years of heartbreak, sadness and losing our babies … this little girl is miracle. So loved and adored already by everyone.

It was one of the best days of my life. I am one very lucky Mama Bear to-be. 

To my JJ, you created a magical day for us. Thank you for opening up your home and hosting an amazing event for us. You went above and beyond to give me such a special day and I am so grateful. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and even more blessed to have you living just down the road. You’ve been our lighthouse now for years and years. Always ready to shine a light and brighten our world. I simple cannot wait to introduce you to our girl and have your bright light shine on her xx 




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