Strangely Wonderful Singapore: Part Three

From the moment I started to stroll along Chinatown Food Street, I knew that Singapore was going to offer up some amazing taste bud sensations. I heart asian food big time – dim sum, dumplings, laska, noodles – gimme gimme gimme!

What I wasn’t expecting was some of the weird and wonderful local cuisine.

I allowed my guide to choose most of my dishes while exploring Singapore and it was strangely wonderful!

chinatown singapore

Chinatown Food Street

This is a newly revamped hawker centre (hawker = food court) that offers a variety of Chinese dishes. My guide encouraged me to try the Chicken Rice dish which looks dull and plain. No, I was wrong. It was delicious and i considered ordering 2nds but didn’t want my guide to think I was a hungry peppa pig.

Quirk #1: The longer the stall queue, the better the food. Singaporeans are more than happy to jump on the end of a long queue line if they think the food will be amazing.

Quirk #2: People leave their business card or tissue packet on a chair whilst they are ordering their food. They walk into a hawker centre, claim a spot to eat, leave a tissue pack and then go order food. Bizarre!




Strangers Reunion

The staff here pray to the coffee Gods. Coffee is their religion and my Lorde do they deliver. This is a cosy little cafe, great for brunch. I ordered the buttermilk waffles and aero-pressed coffee. It was D-I-V-I-N-E.


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.33.47 pm

Breeze, The Scarlet Hotel

Located around the corner from Club Street, this rooftop bar has spectacular sights over the Singapore skyline. Order the Apple of my Eye from the cocktail menu.



Mars Bar, The Duxton Hotel

This place is Famous with a capital F for their crafty cocktails. Their signature exotic and spicy cocktail ‘Chilli Crab’ is a must try – think fish oil, chilli, and egg white. (Why are you gagging?). If that doesn’t float your boat, signal the waiter for a Duxton Swizzle to wash away the fishy after taste.



Common Man Coffee Roasters

By far THE BEST BREAKFAST MENU EVER. Yes, I’m getting shouty because everyone needs to eat breakfast here at least once in their life. The menu is out of this world. I wanted to order everything but settled for the green pea fritters, poached eggs with crispy pancetta. Again, the staff are passionate about coffee and the atmosphere was buzzing. I did notice LOADS of expats brunching and munching at this place.



Killiney Kopitiam

You can see these stores sprinkled in most neighbourhoods, Killiney Kopitam offers traditional Singaporean breakfast; thick cup of sweetened coffee and charcoal toast filled with coconut jam with a side bowl of runny eggs. Singaporeans LOVE to tip their sweet toast into the runny egg and it is strangely wonderful.



{The Lover List experienced the sights, food and delights as a guest of Singapore Tourism Board however this is my very own opinion of my trip.}




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