The long and short of it {hair that is}

Back in November 2012, I discovered that celebs around the world were stealing borrowing my hair style. Remember my post about Ginnfier Goodwin stealing the pixie cut from me? (Read here). So like any desperate woman, I decided to grow out my hair to be ‘different’.

My hairdresser tried to discourage me however my determination for something ‘different’ was bordering on obsessive. I am a Taurean after all. You just TRY and talk me out of something!

Having pixie short hair has it’s good points and bad points. The good being; it’s super easy to style your hair each day. Takes about 30sec with a blow dryer, pop in some hair paste and away you go. The bad being; people confusing me for a boy, assembling your wardrobe becomes tedious. You need to choose clothes and make-up to match the short hair. No joke!

The day I decided to start growing out the layers

The day I decided to start growing out the layers

So I’m craving some femininity and 8 months later, I’m nearly there. The challenge was to grow it past my chin line – I’m so close I can almost smell the hairspray victory.

I’ve visited my hairdresser about 3 times during this transition period for little trims and to maintain some kind of style. {Personally, I think she misses my monthly visits. Hi Colleen!}. The goal was to grow out the top layers, keep the nape short and eventually a disheveled bob would appear.

Nearly there - this pic was taken 4 days ago

Nearly there – this pic was taken 4 days ago

What now? I’m at a stage where I can use pins and even semi-curl my hair. Do you know how excited I am? I can attempt to style my own hair. {You should all know at this point that I am pathetic at styling hair. See ‘Exhibit A’ above. It’s probably why I kept it short for all these years}.

This is not me. It's Carey Mulligan.

This is not me. It’s Carey Mulligan.

Next step? Perhaps change colour? Look out Carey Mulligan. I may steal borrow your style next.

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