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Welcome to the latest incarnation of Do you like the makeover? My stomach is doing back flips and my heart is about to beat out of my bloody chest, I’m so excited!


But first, I need to start with an apology. If YOU are one of my beautiful subscribers who opt to receive my posts via email, I am so sorry. Your email address has decided to play hide and seek with me …. and babe, I can’t find it. However, let it be declared your connection matters to me so I’d love for you to please rejoin my wolf-pack and tap your email address into the ‘Never Miss A Post’ box on the side menu.

So you’re probably asking, why the change? Well, I guess that requires a confession. Websites fascinate me. HTML codes excite me. Controlling two blogs wasn’t enough and I felt the pull to do more. Earlier this year I enrolled in an online course to learn more about website design, content and blogging. For the past five weeks, I’ve been behind the scenes making small changes to my own site, studying and helping another friend create & design her new business website.

Life has been amazingly busy and I’m grateful for the opportunities flying my way.

Half way through the course, I realised I wanted complete creative control over my website and decided to move hosts. It’s by far the best decision I’ve made ….. however a few little hiccups occurred:

  1. My subscribers vanished. Panic set in. Swear words were said out loud. Fuck-a-duck!
  2. My old blog layout wasn’t compatible with the new host, resulting in an unexpected re-design of the whole site.

I totally lost my shit for 10 minutes when this happened but quickly realised what a blessing it was. For here was an opportunity to put my new skills into play and re-design my site. It gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment to re-launch and invite you gorgeous creatures back to my blog.


There are lots of new features on the blog so feel free to snoop around.

  • The introduction of my monthly ‘Love Letter’ newsletter. Join here and you’ll receive a FREE copy of the hilarious Lover List Manifesto to save, print and keep. I guarantee you’ll get a giggle out of it! 
  • Did you notice the new profile photos stashed in every corner? My talented and gorgeous girlfriend Jessie Jane Baker is the superstar behind the lens. I can’t recommend her enough!!!! Jessie Jane is the beez kneez and you must go check out her website page and befriend her on Facebook right away.
  • The ABOUT ME page got trashed. Yep, I hit delete and rewrote my story.
  • The CONTACT ME page includes my new email address and social media links.
  • The POPULAR POST page is a great starting point for new readers to explore.
  • Twitter and Google+ links have now been added.
  • Leaving a comment on a post just became easier (so let’s amplify your presence here babe).
  • A selection of the most popular articles is at the very bottom of each post for you to re-discover. Go have a look!
  • I’ve made it easier to share a post. Just click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons at the bottom of each post to share with your tribe.
  • A Pin-It Pinterest button has been added to each image.


BEFORE YOU LEAVE, I hope you like the new layout and new features. I’m head over heels for it and would totally LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts on it.





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