Things I adore: Welcome Winter


Bye bye Autumn and hello Winter.

I don’t know about you but my winter wardrobe is finally getting a proper workout this week after the balmy Autumn we just had. Big jackets, gum boots, knits and my new cute ankle boots are all jumping to life and fighting for my attention.

However how hard is it to get out of bed on a rainy day? 


My bed tries to hold me hostage every morning. My furry kids are refusing to get up for their morning walk. My PJ’s put up an awesome fight when I try to get undressed. Now, I’ve heard of companies offering their employees a doona/duvet day per year …. and I want to find this employer! I’d love to call the office and say “I’m sorry, but today I’ll be staying in bed, all day, under the comfort of my extremely warm doona/duvet. Goodbye.” 

So snuggling up is huge on my ADORE list at the moment. Here are a few other things I’m adoring:

Things I adore lately

iTunes radio station (HOT Alternative is my fav)  

bananas (best 3.00pm snack)

my camellia tree is blooming the prettiest pink flowers

reading about 11:11 over at Gala Darling and then seeing 11:11 all the time

helping friends & family plan their holidays

lunching with girlfriends and sharing champagne on a Saturday afternoon

receiving my Dermalogica skincare order

homemade pizzas with the lot  

meeting the woman (Rachel MacDonald) who inspired me to chase my dreams at a recent event 

a fake fireplace heater my dad gifted to me (you have to see this thing!)

new friends referring new business my way

encouraging, supportive, bosom buddies


What can you add to the list? 











  • Love your list.

    I also love 11:11, I see it all the time.

    My favourites are seeing my family again, enjoying the sun in Oslo and just having fun with my girlfriends. It all helps X

  • OK, it’s a bit freaky how much we have in common from this list so I can only come to one conclusion… You’re stalking me. And that is so flipping cool! In all seriousness, I have been getting up later and later in the mornings, loving iTunes radio, have recently started having a banana as my mid-arvo snack, I see 11.11 all the time (well, not literally of course), adore homemade pizzas, and will drink champagne at any reasonable opportunity.

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