Thought of the week #35

“The moment you change your breath pattern you change your energy, thereby changing your experience. Whenever you notice yourself about to relapse into your negative behaviour, take a long, deep breath. As you change your breath you change your energy. Your calm energy will support you in creating positive change and releasing negative habits.”
~Gabrielle Bernstein
Intense energy is flying all around me at the moment. My reactions to some things have been less than ideal so of course I beat myself up over it. There is no room in my life for negative behaviour, yet here I am gobsmacked that the bitch has taken up residency in my life.



It’s time to embrace the good in people and stop concentrating on the hurt. So I’m making a conscious effort to use my breathe as an object of concentration. By focusing on my breath, I instantly get pulled back into this present moment. It relieves my anxiety, my stress, my pain and allows me to relax my physical and mental state in a positive way. So simple, yet so effective.

Do you ever get sidelined by surprising news/events/comments?

How do you deal with it?


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