To-Do list for today

I was lying in bed early this morning making a to-do list. My life is very chaotic and making lists is very important to the success of my day. It’s the only way to get a sense of achievement.


Contemplate hiring a crane to lift me out of bed.

Ask Benji to rise n shine. He ain’t a morning dog.

Ask Benji for the 23rd time to eat his breakfast before his brother woofs it down.

Shower and convince myself my hair can go one more day without washing. Must support dry shampoo brands.

Eat my iron fortified cereal with banana for breakfast but visualise I’m eating pancakes and bacon instead.

Write blog post.

Respond to work emails.

Eat a handful of cashews.

Lose myself in HTML codes and website layouts.

Eat entire packet of cashews.

Get parcel from post office.

Stop at bakery and look at the custard filled treats. Make purchase. Eat purchase.

Examine my belly button.

Begin to wonder if I’ll ever see my toes again.

Heat up last nights leftovers for lunch.

Take 20 minute nap and wake up 70 minutes later.

Get pissed at myself because I forgot to post parcel earlier.

Get happy because it’s takeaway night.

Scream at Mr Lover for not putting his shoes away.

Complain for the 385,174th time about how much I need to pee. All. The. Time.

Tell Mr Lover I’m going to bed.

Lay in bed and scroll through Faceyland, Insta and Pinterest for 3 hours on my phone.


What are you up to today?




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