Tote bags for Working Women

Keys, purse, phone, iPad, lunch, water, headphones, lipstick, tampons, tissues, mints, pen … the checklist for a woman’s handbag goes on and on. And on. And on a little more. It’s a bottomless put filled with ‘stuff’ we might just need at any given moment.

Seriously, can you imagine only carrying a damn wallet and phone? In the pocket of our pants?

HELL NO we scream. Why? Because woman love handbags. It’s part of our DNA to like pretty things and carry everything we own.

For that, we need a bag that is stylish and can carry it all. A tote bag.


Corporate Chic: Totes for the Working Woman

The standard nylon or canvas tote is a reliable all-purpose option for the woman on the go, affording her the space she needs to carry her essentials as well as her laptop and other supplies, but the typically slouchy silhouette of the traditional tote can leave a look lacking the professional polish it could project.

Fortunately, my friends at ShopBop offer a wide range of options for the woman who requires sartorial space on her everyday commute. We’ve complied list of essential qualities you need to look for when shopping for an office tote bag.


The professional tote should retain all the convenience of a casual tote, and that means plenty of storage space. Structured storage keeps your essentials as safe as possible, so look for totes with dedicated storage slots for goods like smartphones, keys, wallets and water bottles. You can never have too many pockets, as organising your items carefully now saves minutes of rummaging later.

Drop Length

Drop length refers to the distance from the top of your shoulder to the top of the bag, and this factor is essential to the way you carry the bag as well as the weight you can carry with it. Be sure to try bags with various drop lengths with a typical daily load to see what’s most comfortable and realistic for you.


It’s no secret: carrying around a bag stuffed with all your worldly possessions can be less than comfortable. Standard totes and shoulder bags place all the weight of a bag directly on your shoulder, which can wear on the body over time and cause pain or long-term comfort issues. Thai massage, anyone? Quality office totes are specially designed to more evenly distribute the load of a tote bag and increase your comfort all day.


Laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices are extraordinarily sensitive to water, and so another of the most important attributes of an office tote is weatherproofing. The look of a bag has no bearing on its resistance to water, so be sure to check for a bag’s level of weather resistance before entrusting it with your valuable devices. Or just carry an umbrella with you. Tote bags do come with plenty of room!


Of course, the defining measure of an office tote is its style, and in the end ONLY YOU can determine the best bag to help you along your daily commute.

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