Tragedy makes us warriors

From time to time your heart needs to burst open. As human beings, this is how we transform and evolve. If you’ve never walked through fire and back, if you’ve never been in pain, if you’ve never had your heart broken open by loss and sadness …. you haven’t truly lived.

Feeling despair requires you to walk out onto the plank of Giving Up. It requires you to stretch your toes over the edge, and give them a wiggle. Look down at the choppy, murky waters and feel intimidated by the unknown. It’s at this moment that despair turns into something else – hope perhaps – and you take a step back.

When we begin to go through heartache, we start to feel so much. The pain intensifies so much that the limitations of our heart simply can’t take it anymore. That’s the moment our hearts crack wide open. The physical pain can almost be felt inside our chest. The heart is burst and the pain that radiates feels too much to bear.

But honey, it never is.

This grand old universe would never give us pain that we cannot handle. The beauty in heartache, the silver lining in all this is, the cracks that form in our heart allow the light to creep in. Over time, the light begins to fill the dark space occupying our hearts and each little light-ray brings a gift of change. We soon realise our hearts are fragile for a season; we need to break from time to time so can grow a little stronger and learn how to love a little harder.

Light fills us. So we can overflow and let others feel it too.

Tragedy makes us warriors.

Side note. I wrote this a few weeks when I was feeling vulnerable and lost. Heartache is nothing new to me, there have been plenty of moments in the past that have caused my heart to crack open. And I always survive. The light always has a way of seeping in and making me whole again. I know the universe has my back and typing this out just serves as a reminder for the next time it happens. 


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