Trimming my neighbours bush


My next door neighbour has the most beautiful jasmine bush growing in her yard. Lucky for me, it hangs over our fence. Once or twice a week, I’ve been ‘neighbourly’ and ‘trimmed’ the bush. Basically I ‘borrow’ some armfuls of jasmine cuttings and persist to fill up every spare jar and vase in my home.

The scent floats from one room to the next and it continually makes me smile.

Hello Spring!

For me, jasmine is the scent of spring and it arrived a little late this season. None the less, I’m thrilled it’s arrived. It’s time for denim shorts, bare feet, icy mojitos, summer BBQ fun and rooms filled with flowers.

Flowers really are the affordable way to lift any space. I know, I know. Flowers wilt and die quicker than my iPhone battery but I love adding new varieties to my home once a week. Gardenias are my all time fav flower scent! 

So tell me, what’s your favourite flower scent? 



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