Warehouse wonderland

Yet another home to drool over.

Located in Hawthorn East Melbourne, this warehouse belongs to fashion designer Lynda Newton and her hubby. It’s an old blind factory converted into a contemporary three bedroom home.

Hawthorn-87-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine Hawthorn-61-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine Hawthorn-62-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine

When the warehouse was being stripped, useable materials were salvaged and re-used.

Hawthorn-65-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine Hawthorn-66-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine  Hawthorn-69-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine  Hawthorn-73-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine

The natural light through these cathedral windows are blinding.

Hawthorn-78-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine  Hawthorn-83-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine

Credit: Tara Pearce for est Magazine



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