What are the telltale signs of extra marital affairs? Discover the red flags

What are the telltale signs of extra marital affairs? Discover the red flags

As someone who has seen and experienced the heartbreak of infidelity, I know how devastating it can be to discover that your partner has been unfaithful. That’s why I wanted to write about the signs to look out for if you suspect that your spouse might be having an affair. Red flags can often be subtle, but they’re there if you know what to look for. In this post, I’ll be exploring some of the telltale signs of extra-marital affairs and how you can address the issue before it spirals out of control. Keep reading to discover the secrets to detecting infidelity and to learn how to protect yourself and your relationship.

What are the signs of extra marital affairs?

Extra marital affairs are a common issue that many couples face in their relationships. It is difficult to comprehend that the person you love is betraying you behind your back. Unfortunately, there are signs that you can look out for to know if your partner is having an affair. Some of the significant indicators of extra marital affairs are as follows:

  • Hiding their cell phone:
  • If your partner always keeps their phone away from you or gets overly defensive when you try to touch their phone, it could be a sign that they are hiding something from you.

  • Avoiding your questions and calls:
  • If your partner is not answering your calls or conveniently missing them, they might be avoiding you because they have something to hide.

  • Overly emotional to questions:
  • If your partner becomes overly emotional when you ask them questions regarding their whereabouts or activities, it could mean that they are covering something up.

  • Changes in sex life:
  • A sudden disinterest in intimacy or a sudden heightened interest in sex could be signs that your partner is having an affair.

  • Different smells:
  • If your partner comes home smelling different from usual, it could mean that they have been spending time with somebody else.

  • Special clothing and lingerie:
  • If your partner starts wearing new clothes or lingerie that they have never worn before, that could be an indicator that they are trying to impress someone else.

  • Secret emails and accounts:
  • If your partner has secret email accounts or social media accounts that they do not share with you, it could mean that they are trying to keep something hidden from you.

  • Suspicious social media:
  • If your partner is spending excessive time on social media or hiding their phone screen while scrolling through social media, it is a red flag that they might be communicating with someone else.

    Being aware of these signs can help you identify if your partner is having an affair. However, it is advisable to have an open and honest conversation with your partner to address any issues that might be causing them to cheat on you.

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    1. Unusual Secretiveness: If your partner becomes extra secretive about every little thing, especially their phone, emails, and social media accounts, without any proper reasons, it’s a sign of a potential extra-marital affair.

    2. Emotional Distance: If you feel like your partner is growing emotionally distant, avoiding romantic gestures, and not responding to your affectionate advances, it’s an indication of a problem in the relationship. It could be one of the signs of extra-marital affairs.

    3. Change in Routine: If your partner starts behaving differently or spends exceptionally long hours at work, especially on weekends, and other days without plausible reasons, It’s a sign that something is not right.

    4. Lack of Interest: If you notice that your partner loses interest in spending time with you or taking interest in your life in general, it could be another indication of an extra-marital affair.

    5. Secrecy about Schedule: Suddenly, your partner is more possessive about their schedule, cancelling plans last minute, and being vague about their whereabouts; it can also be an indication of an extra-marital affair.

    Extra marital affairs can be difficult to detect but they often come with subtle hints and telltale signs that the partner involved may not be aware of. Infidelity is the betrayal of trust in a relationship and can cause irreparable damage to the bond that exists between two people. One of the most difficult aspects of extra marital affairs is the secret communication involved. In this section, we will explore the ways cheating partners attempt to keep their communication hidden.

    Signs of secret communication:

    Hiding Their Cell Phone: One of the most common signs of extramarital affairs is when partners go out of their way to hide their cell phones. They may spend more time on their phones than usual, or their phone may be turned off or on silent mode. They may also leave the room to take phone calls, send secretive texts or delete their text and call history. This is a clear indication that they are keeping secrets from their partners.

    Secret Emails & Accounts: Another sign of secret communication is the use of secret email and social media accounts. Cheating partners may create new email addresses or hide their social media accounts using false names. They tend to spend more time online than usual and often become evasive about their online activities. Pay attention to anything that seems out of the ordinary, as this may be a sign that the partner is actively engaging in an extra marital affair.

    Avoidance behavior is another clear indication that something is amiss. A cheating partner may start to avoid answering calls and messages from their significant other and become increasingly difficult to reach. In some cases, they may become defensive or aggressive when questioned about their whereabouts, making it difficult to have an open and honest conversation. Here are some additional signs of avoidance behavior to look out for.

    Avoidance behavior:

    Avoiding Your Questions & Calls: A cheating partner may start to avoid answering calls and messages from their significant other. They may also become evasive about their plans or whereabouts, making it difficult to trust them. If they are always avoiding answering questions and calls, it may be a sign that they are hiding something.

    Suspicious Social Media: Social media behaviour can also be a strong indicator of an extra marital affair. Cheating partners tend to be overly protective of their social media accounts and may limit their partner’s access to them. They may also block their partner from viewing their social media profiles, restrict their partner’s interactions with their social media posts or even delete pictures with their partner from their feed altogether. Therefore, pay attention to any suspicious social media activity your partner may be exhibiting.

    Emotional changes can also indicate that someone is involved in an extra marital affair. A cheating partner may show sudden and unexpected emotional changes towards their partner, sex life, or even their daily routine.

    Emotional changes:

    Overly Emotional to Questions: A cheating partner may become defensive or overly emotional when asked about their whereabouts or actions. They may take offense to seemingly innocent questions, as they feel guilty about their actions and fear being caught.

    Changes in Sex Life: Another sign of infidelity is a sudden change in sex life. A cheating partner may lose interest in sex or become more interested in trying new things. Pay attention to any changes in their sexual behaviour, as it may indicate that they are seeking new experiences outside of the relationship.

    Physical signs can also be a significant indicator of extra marital affairs. Cheating partners may unwittingly give themselves away through inconsistencies in their routine or behaviour.

    Physical signs:

    Different Smells: One of the most noticeable physical signs is a change in smell. A cheating partner may return home smelling of perfume or cologne that is not their own. Alternatively, they may start showering more often, which may be an attempt to remove any evidence of their affair or to cover any telltale smells.

    Special Clothing & Lingerie: Another physical sign is the purchase of special clothing or lingerie. A cheating partner may buy new clothes or lingerie that they only wear when they are away from home. This may be an attempt to impress their new partner or to try new things outside of their regular routine.

    To conclude, noticing these signs might mean that your partner is having an extra marital affair. But it is important to remember that they might not necessarily be an indication of such a situation. It is important to communicate openly with your significant other and to trust your instincts. Ultimately, the decision to confront them or leave the relationship is up to you, and you may need to seek professional help to cope with the pain and betrayal of infidelity. Always keep in mind that forgiveness, healing and rebuilding trust in a relationship is possible, but it is a long and difficult journey.


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