Why Do Guys Throw Tantrums Instead of Talking? Discover the Reasons

Why Do Guys Throw Tantrums Instead of Talking? Discover the Reasons

Have you ever been in a situation where your guy throws a tantrum instead of talking? You try to communicate and he just shuts down or, worse, explodes in a fit of rage? It can be frustrating, confusing and sometimes heartbreaking. But have you ever wondered why he acts this way?

I have seen a lot of guys throw tantrums instead of talking. And to be honest, it’s not only guys who do this, but it’s more common in men. There are several reasons why men throw tantrums instead of talking, and today, I’m going to share them with you.

But before we get into that, let’s establish one thing – throwing a tantrum is not healthy or appropriate behavior in any kind of relationship. While it’s understandable to feel angry or frustrated at times, handling your emotions by throwing tantrums can be damaging, not just for you but also for your partner.

So, if you’re ready to find out why your guy throws tantrums instead of talking, buckle up and let’s dive in.

Why do guys throw things when angry?

When it comes to anger management, everyone copes with their emotions differently. Some people prefer to take deep breaths, while others might use exercise to channel their frustrations. However, there are some people, particularly guys, who opt to throw things when they’re upset. But, why do guys throw things when angry? It all comes down to the psychological aspects of anger and aggression. Here are some possible reasons why guys throw things when angry:

  • Pressure Release: As mentioned in the opening statement, throwing things when angry is an immediate release of tension, which can help ease feelings of aggression. It’s a temporary way of venting anger and an attempt to alleviate the pressure that comes with overwhelming feelings.
  • Visual Impact: Throwing things makes a visual impact, which can communicate just how upset and serious a person is about a situation. It’s also a way to show dominance or assert oneself.
  • Habitual Behaviour: Throwing things when angry may have become a habit learned through childhood or other past experiences. People who grow up in an environment where frustration, anger, and violence are considered normal or acceptable may carry these behaviours to adulthood.
  • Lack of Control: Throwing things may also be a sign of a lack of self-control or the inability to manage feelings of anger. This can be related to stress, anxiety, or poor emotional regulation skills.
  • Another way of Expressing Emotion: For some guys, throwing things is simply a different way of expressing emotion. It’s a physical manifestation of their anger, rather than keeping it bottled up inside.
  • These are just a few reasons why guys might throw things when they’re angry. However, it’s essential to note that throwing things is not a healthy or effective means of dealing with anger. It’s imperative to explore different ways of coping with anger, such as talking to someone, going for a walk, or using meditation or relaxation techniques. Anger should never involve harm to oneself or others.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Take a step back: When your guy is angry and starts throwing things, it’s essential to take a step back and create some physical space between you two. This space not only protects you from accidentally getting hit by a flying object but also allows your guy to calm down.

    2. Communicate: Communication is key when dealing with an angry guy. Avoid responding with anger and instead, ask him why he is upset. Getting to the root of the issue can help you both find a more constructive way to deal with his emotions.

    3. Show empathy: Sometimes, guys throw things as a way of coping with their emotions. Showing empathy can help them feel seen and understood. Instead of getting angry or defensive, try to put yourself in his shoes and be supportive.

    4. Encourage therapy: If your guy has a tendency to throw things when angry, it might be a sign that he needs some professional help. Encourage him to talk to a therapist about his emotions and seek help if necessary.

    5. Set boundaries: If you don’t feel safe or comfortable around your guy when he’s angry, it’s essential to set clear boundaries. This might mean leaving the room when he throws things or telling him that it’s not okay to behave that way around you.

    Understanding Male Anger

    Anger is a natural and healthy emotion that everyone experiences. Men are known to have higher levels of anger in comparison to women, which could be due to the cultural and societal norms that encourage men to be more aggressive. At times, men may use physical aggression or throwing things to communicate their anger. This type of behavior can lead to conflicts in relationships as it can be seen as an aggressive act and a threat to others’ safety. If this type of behavior is not handled properly, it can escalate quickly and become out of control.

    The Connection Between Anger and Stress

    Anger and stress are directly related; stress can lead to anger, and anger can lead to stress. When stressors build up, they can become overwhelming, and that’s when we start to feel the effects on our emotions, physiology, and behavior. Angry outbursts can release tension and ease stress, although they might lead to negative consequences, as mentioned above. There are other healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise, meditation, or talking with a friend. It is essential to find a strategy that works best for you to manage your emotions.

    The Psychology Behind Throwing Things When Angry

    Anger and frustration can build up over time, and when emotions finally become too much to handle, it’s common to lash out and release the aggression in physical ways. This is where throwing things comes in. Throwing objects can give us a sense of release from the tension built up inside us because it helps to physically expel feelings of anger and frustration. It can also represent a form of control, a way of asserting power over the environment, and releasing energy. Through throwing things, we aim to regain the sense that we have control over our world.

    Why Do Men Throw Things Specifically?

    While both men and women experience anger, men statistically tend to become more aggressive when angry. This difference could be due to hormones, neurochemistry, or even cultural conditioning. A man may throw things to communicate his anger and frustration when he feels his masculinity or authority is being challenged or threatened. Throwing things can be seen as a way of asserting power, an act of domination that reinforces their sense of masculinity. It is essential to recognize that this behavior can be damaging to relationships and take steps to manage it.

    Alternatives to Throwing Things When Angry

    Although throwing things can be an effective way to release stress, there are healthier ways to manage anger. Some ways to manage your anger without throwing things include:

    • Take a break: When you feel your anger building, simply walk away from the situation and take a break. Find a quiet place to decompress and get your emotions under control.
    • Breathe deeply: Take slow, deep breaths to help relax your muscles and reduce tension.
    • Exercise: Physical activity is an excellent way to reduce stress and lower your overall anger levels.
    • Talk about it: Explain how you are feeling to somebody you trust can help you process your emotions and work through any issues you may have.

    How to Communicate Effectively During an Argument

    When you get into a heated argument, it’s essential to communicate effectively to minimize the risk of violence or aggression. Some tips on how to communicate effectively during an argument include:

    • Stay calm: Try to remain calm and rational during the disagreement.
    • Listen actively: Listen to what the other person has to say and try to acknowledge their feelings, even if you don’t agree with them.
    • Use “I” statements: Communicate how you feel with “I” statements rather than blaming the other person with “you” statements. For example, say “I feel upset” instead of “You make me angry.”
    • Take a break: If the discussion is escalating, take a break and come back when you’re both ready to communicate calmly and respectfully.

    Tips for Managing Anger in Relationships

    When emotions run high in relationships, managing anger can be challenging, but it is essential for the health of the relationship. Some tips for managing anger in relationships include:

    • Communicate: Express your feelings to your partner and listen to their concerns as well.
    • Practice forgiveness: Learning to forgive and forget is key to managing anger in relationships.
    • Set boundaries: Set boundaries and let your partner know what behavior is acceptable and what is not.
    • Seek help: If the anger becomes unmanageable, don’t be afraid to speak to a therapist or counselor to get help and support.

    In conclusion, throwing things when angry is a natural response to stress and frustration, although it’s essential to recognize that it can be damaging to relationships and our own health. Men may resort to throwing things out of a sense of masculinity and power, but there are healthier ways to assert control and manage anger in relationships. By communicating effectively, setting boundaries, and seeking help when necessary, we can manage our anger and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.


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