Wooden Pallet Bar challenge


I was browsing Pinterest the other night and I found a photo of 2 wooden pallets that had been re-purposed and made into an outdoor bar.

My brain immediately said “Babe, you can soooooo do this. Easy peasy. It’s just two wooden pallets, 3 pavers and lick of paint”.

Now, I always get slightly paranoid when my inner DIY goddess chimes in. Why? Mrs DIY thinks the project will be easy and I normally end up throwing in the towel, having a tanty and walking away.

So adult like, right?

However, it really does look like a simple project and we have a narrow backyard so this could be the perfect little bar/table for summer BBQs.


Wooden Pallet Bar


I don’t mean to get carried away where, but my Pinterest board had a few other ideas to consider.

Herb gardens. Flower beds. An outdoor swing. Coffee table. Shelves.


Can I do it? Will I do it? Watch this space. I just need to find some wooden pallets to play with!

Have you ever re-purposed a street side find into new furniture? 

Share in the comments below.

Better yet, send me a photo to motivate me!




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