Wrapping Up The Year That Was 2014


Heck yeah! 2014 delivered some good shit this year. I felt the need to sit down earlier this week and acknowledge the achievements, the failures and the a-ha moments in-between.

2014. You expanded me. You lifted me. You enriched me. I had no idea my life was so stuffy and mundane until you persuaded me to step into a new territory. A huge amount of thanks and appreciation is beamed your way as I stop and take stock of the year that was. Every button relating to resistance, fear and I-can’t-do-this was pushed and explored and my beating heart thanks you.

My intentions for the year were set early. There was a strong desire to aim big, push through resistance with super woman strength and say ‘yes’ a little more often. It was to be a year of growth and expansion. To let go of bad times, embrace more good times and tick a few kick-ass goals off my to-do list. 

Leaving my full-time corporate job was a ballsy move. Starting my own home based biz was even ballsier. This was the year I pulled up my big girl knickers and decided to have crack at something brand new.

A dream to be my own boss. A dream to be of creative service to others. 

Being a business owner is fucking scary babe. I’m still learning on the job and working the hardest I’ve ever worked. I’m that crazy duck sliding over still glistening water but paddling like mad underneath. This blog has taken a big hit in recent months. Ideas ran dry or time wouldn’t allow me to write as much as I liked too. The Lover Lab is consuming with every minute and I’m throwing everything at building a solid client base.

AND I ADORE WHAT I DO. I’ve never said that before. I love being creative and helping trail blazing women with their concepts, branding and visions. The sense of accomplishment is an ultimate high of the endorphin kind. Each day is started with big grin. Can I now call my guest room, my office?  Do I really get to call this work? 

I chased my dreams and caught them. WINNING! The intentions, the vision boards, the journalling, the ‘dreamscaping’ are now REAL. (Sure, vision boards sound corny but a gorgeous soul encouraged and almost guaranteed success with it. The board is filled with pics of casual clothing, yoga, coffee shops, dog walking, home office, musicians that elevate me, new computer, travel …. and you know what, I’ve accomplished them all this year. Every single photo on my vision board is now my every day reality. Still sound corny?)


How did I do it?

I want to say I caught a lucky break but in truth it was sheer determination. I knew that studying would boost me and set me on a new path. That path would deliver the confidence and courage I needed to finally dream big and embrace the fear. In fact, I’ve befriended fear. Fear is a wonderful courier to knock on your door and deliver the message that I’m on the right track. 

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness

~ Eckhart Tolle

I’m blooming. I feel better than I ever have before. My creative skills are no longer hidden in a corporate world. This Chief Designslinger (aka Ms Lover) is dancing to the beat of her own drum! 

I’m grateful. The woman I’ve connected with. The bravery that I had to dig deep to find my passion. The layers that have birthed a new way of life. The hours I now get to work. The activities I can do anytime. The feeling deep down that THIS is what I’m meant to be doing. My purpose has revealed herself after 34 years and the sweet nectar that brings is a relief.

I’m celebrating. My brother got married to his love this year. Hubby’s business achievements have been widely acknowledged by his peers. My mum ticked a huge travelling dream off her list. A friend got unexpectedly promoted. Another friend gave birth to her much wanted baby girl. I have clients coming back to me with repeat business. But closer to my heart are the light-filled moments that fill me up; Hubby supporting my dream, my bestie for her warmth and go-get-em attitude, my dogs for making me laugh every.single.day, my new friendships, my old friendships, my daily conversations with my readers. Your comments, your emails, your connection make my heart beat and feet dance. I adore visiting this little space of the internet with you. 

{TIME OUT. Just gonna let that sink into my bones a bit…} 


Don’t get me wrong. This year has delivered some moments that made me want to throw in the towel. Hands held high. Ready to surrender. My unique skill to tell myself I’m unworthy is a loud noise in my head. I was paranoid that people wouldn’t think I was good enough. That I’m a fraud with no creative skills or vision. 

And that’s another big lesson. You have to give yourself permission to feel it. Feel unworthy. Feel like a fraud. It only sets you up to learn a bigger lesson. Detachment. Once you detach and create a new balance, the rhythm of life resumes and you discover you’ve shed a layer or evolved in some way.


2014. It’s been real babe.

Many a golden moment to relish and treasure. 2012 was filled with grief, disaster and oh so much sadness. 2013 was all about shedding the layers that held me too tight and exploring a deeper part of myself. 2014 was a year of big fat personal growth. It was Big, Bold and astonishingly Beautiful with a capital B. 

2015? Just you wait and see. Big things are already in the work for this blog. More business ideas. More travel. More IVF injections. More planning. More collaborations. More laughs. More fun. More pasta. Most of all, more love.

Are you feeling a little pull? Care to share with me what your big lessons in 2014?

I’d love to hear it. 




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